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My-Fetish is the unparalleled king of satin and silk sites in the world, all exclusive, never-seen-before content that brings you a wide range of creative stories related to the hot practice of fully-clothed sex. Inside you’ll find a ton of variety related to this theme, including fully-clothed wet and messy action, blowjobs, handjobs, lesbian action, group sex, and more, all the hot chicks dressed up in beautiful silk and satin clothes, jewelry, and high heels, and all as horny as hell!

2009-11-18 Leony Aprill is fresh out of beauty school, and after this hair wash session with the lovely Elisa, it’s clear that she has some room for improvement in the professional world. This silly chick gets wet at the thought of making others wet and messy, so now that she’s on the job she takes it upon herself to include her clients in her lesbian wetlook action, whether they like it or not – but not to worry, they all come around soon enough seeing as how Leony is one incredible hot Eurobabe! Within minutes these two are eating each other out right there on the salon chair, and what do you know, Leony is prepared with a dildo! It’s safe to say that Elisa will be coming back to this salon, and she’ll definitely recommend it to all her hot freinds !

2009-11-11 It doesn’t even matter that these freaks are inside, because when this couple wants to feel the massaging drops of water explode all over their bodies as they fuck, they’re gonna’ make it happen. This is after all, where no expense is spared and our beautiful Eurobabes always get exactly what they want. Kitty Jane is no exception, and this satin bloused hottie loves nothing more than some sensual wetlook fucking! Kitty’s got her man on the couch, and after sucking him off as long as he can take it before exploding, she then rides this dude right there on the couch all while under an intense shower. Sensual, sexy, unique, and always filmed in super high quality – all the things you’ve come to expect from My-Fetish!

Eurobabes Amy and Aneta Heat look plenty hot on dry land, that’s for sure, but when you turn the shower on above them they look out of this world steamy as their satin tops quickly become see-through exposing their large breasts and the water runs down their curvy bodies and shimmers in the lights. It doesn’t take long for the dildos to come out, and that’s when the real waterworks start happening with these two amazing, sensual ladies. Nothing’s going to stop them from getting each other off, and we’re happy to be there to witness the magic! For the best in wetlook lesbians, look no further than the classy, sensual, highest-quality action that is!

Eurobabe Nikky Sand has been super stressed lately, so she decided to treat herself to a massage at the hands of a hunky masseuse. Besides Nikky’s unusual decision of to leave on her clothes – thigh high black stockings, gloves, high heels, and a cute, lace top, everything starts normally during the massage session. However, it doesn’t take long for the masseuse’s wet and messy fetish to unleash itself. Normally he would be able to control himself, but Nikky is just so damn tempting and her sexy outfit puts him over the top, so much so that the light cream massage soon becomes a very gooey experience for the both of them! It turns out that Nikky is also down for the messy sex, and she’s been incredibly horny the whole time anyway, so after a fully clothed rubdown they fuck their brains out all the while getting deeper and deeper into a sloppy mess. The only goo that’s missing here is from the masseuse, and soon enough he’ll add that to the mix!

Denisa and her friend are not excited about the mess in the kitchen, and they have no interest in simply wiping it up like good little housewives. Nope, these are true Eurobabe sex kittens, and they have a much kinkier plan about how to mop up this creamy mess! Denisa starts out by licking up some of the creamy sweetness, but this inevitably creates a mess all over her satin outfit, and what do you know, this completely turns this freak on! Her friend is also getting into the WaM spirit, so these beauties start feeding each other with total disregard for the mess they’re making all over their outfits, and when they’re nice and creamy they get appetites for some of that sweet pussy as well, so these two lesbians start munching away at each others goods. Timid housewives? No way, these ladies are on a messy mission, and they’re not stopping until they get everything they want! Messy lesbian action in the highest quality online, only at!

This dude’s sitting back, relaxing in the tub and just enjoying the moment, expecting this peace and quiet to be the highlight of the day. Well, Kristy Lust is feeling incredibly horny, and this Eurobabe always gets what she wants, even if it means disturbing her bathing buddy – we don’t think he’ll mind! This sex fiend goes right for his cock, first sucking him silly in several different positions, not the least bit concerned that she’s getting her silk and satin outfit wet and soapy in the process. Then, when her pussy is absolutely demanding it, she hops onto her man’s cock and rides him in several wet and soapy positions until she finally sucks the life-sauce out of him. Guess he’ll just have to stay in the bath a while longer – anything but that! Talk about a damn nice bath, brought to you by the ultra high quality producers of!

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